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Jumat, 28 Oktober 2011

Feasibility Analysis of Broiler Chicken Farm

Feasibility Analysis of Broiler Chicken Farm
(A case study on Turip Hirtono Husbandry in Sidomulyo Village, Purworejo Sub-District in Puworejo Regency)

Zulfanita, Dyah Panuntun Utami, and Pamuji


The objective of this research is to find out about the number of income, profit and feasibility of broiler chicken farm on Turip Hirtono husbandry in Sidomulyo village, Purworejo sub-district in Purworejo regency. The research was conducted from January until March in 2009. The respondents are the broiler-chicken entrepreneurs in Turip Hirtono husbandry which were taken by the purposive sampling method.
            The analysis   method consists of several items which are income analysis, profit analysis, and feasibility analysis. This research shows the number of income was around Rp. 2,581,121.00; the number of profit was around Rp. 1,981,521.00 and feasibility analysis (B/C) was around 1.13. It can be concluded that the broiler-chicken farm in Turip Hirtono husbandry in Sidomulya village, Purworejo sub-district in Purworejo regency is worth for trying.

Keywords: Broiler Chicken, Income, Profit, Feasibility.

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